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Training 3: Repetitive Question


This drill teaches you how to ask something over and over, but each time asking it newly, as if it had never been asked before and you had just thought of it. This skill is useful when a question you ask is not answered and you need to ask it again.


You and another person are seated about three feet apart, facing each other.


On this drill, you ask the person across from you one of the following questions:

“do birds fly?”


“do fish swim?”

These questions are used because they are questions anyone can answer. Pick one of the questions to use in the drill and use it over and over. Do not mix the two questions.


This drill is done as follows:

You: Ask your coach, “Do birds fly?” or “Do fish swim?”

Coach: Answer the question.

You: Once your coach has answered the question, acknowledge the answer.

Then ask the same question again, newly, as if it had never been asked before and you had just thought of it.


The coach uses “Start” and “That’s it” as in earlier TRs. However, the coach is not bound to answer the student’s question. He may instead make a comment that doesn’t really answer the question in order to throw the student off. Example:

Student: “Do fish swim?”

Coach: “Aren’t you hungry?”

Student: “Yes.”

Coach: “That’s it.”

End Result

The drill is done until the following occurs:

1. You can comfortably ask the same question, over and over, as if you had never asked it before.

2. You are able to acknowledge your coach’s answer each time.

3. Your coach is satisfied you can do so.

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