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The Barriers to Study

Once you have opened the first gate to learning and decided there is something to know about study, you are ready to learn The Barriers to Study. There are just three of them.

A barrier is something that can stop you or prevent you from making progress.

As you will learn, when you run into one of the barriers to study, it can actually make you feel physically and mentally uncomfortable. Feeling discomfort as a result of something is also known as a reaction. Reaction means a physical or emotional feeling you get as a result of something. You could get a reaction from a sudden loud crashing noise, such as a car accident, and perhaps respond by feeling nervous or a bit upset and concerned.

When you have a reaction, you can show your feelings by the expression on your face or how you handle your body. This is known as a manifestation. Manifestation means a visible sign or indication that something exists or is happening. For example, upon hearing an accident, you can manifest being upset and concerned by looking or even acting nervous.

You can also get a reaction from good news and feel terrific. You can manifest it by smiling, laughing, cheering and looking happy.

Each of the three barriers to study gives you very exact physical and mental reactions and manifestations.

When you know the manifestations of each barrier, it is very easy to tell which barrier you have run up against. And for each barrier, there are exact steps you will learn to handle and get that barrier out of your road to study so you can progress well in your learning.

Once you know what the three barriers are, know the difference between them and know what to do to get them out of your way, you can prevent all three barriers from ever stopping you again.

And by knowing and using this technology, you will be able to successfully study and learn any subject.

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