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The Third Barrier to Study:
The Misunderstood Word

The third and most important barrier to study is: The misunderstood word. A misunderstood word is a word which is not understood or is wrongly understood.

An entirely different set of reactions result from a misunderstood word.

When you go past a word that you do not understand the meaning of, you can get a blank feeling that is very noticeable and easy to recognize. It is a feeling or showing of a complete lack of awareness, memory or understanding, as if your mind is empty.

A misunderstood word can also give you a washed-out feeling (a feeling of being very tired and not having any strength or energy).

It can give you a not-there feeling (not being fully aware of or connected to the situation you are in). It will be followed by a sort of nervous hysteria (a state of extreme or exaggerated emotion or excitement that can also include a feeling of worry and fear, especially about something that you feel is going to happen).

The misunderstood word is what can make a person feel stupid or dumb in any subject.

This third barrier to study, the misunderstood word, is the most important of the three barriers. It influences your ability to do.

For example, if you were studying the subject of art and learning how to paint, you would be able to do the actions of painting and get actively involved if you did not have any misunderstood words on the subject. You might not have the talent to be a great painter, but you would have the ability to do the actions of painting. But that might not be the case if you had words on the subject that you did not fully understand.

Misunderstood words reduce your ability to do.

The Phenomena of the Misunderstood Word

The word phenomena is the plural of phenomenon. A phenomenon is something that happens or exists that can be seen.

To show how this works, let us take an example of you as a student going past words in your studies that you do not understand.

There are two distinct phenomena that result from a misunderstood word:

First Phenomenon

When you misunderstand a word, the section right after that word is a blank in your memory.

You can always trace back to the word just before the blank. Go back to where you first felt blank and look just before that to find the word you did not fully understand. You can then get the meaning of the misunderstood word by looking it up in the dictionary and understanding what it means. By doing this, you will miraculously find that the section of text you were studying is now not blank. This is pure magic.

Here is an example: “It was found that when the crepuscule arrived, the children were quieter and when it was not present, they were much livelier.”

What happens is you think you do not understand the whole idea, but the inability to understand comes entirely from the one word you could not define—crepuscule. It means twilight—the period just before it becomes completely dark in the evening.

Once you understand the word crepuscule, the whole sentence can be understood.

Second Phenomenon

A misunderstood definition or a not-understood definition, or a word you have not been able to find the meaning of, can even cause you to give up studying a subject and make you suddenly drop it or even leave the area. This is called a blow. A blow is when you suddenly drop doing something or suddenly leave somewhere.

Sudden departures from studying a subject or a course or suddenly leaving a class are the result of a misunderstood word.

We have all known people who enthusiastically started on a study only to find out some time later that the person dropped the study because it was “boring” or “it wasn’t what they thought it would be.” For example, they were going to learn a skill or go to night school and get their degree, but they never completed doing what they set out to do.

No matter how reasonable their excuses, the fact is they dropped the subject or left the course. This was a blow.

A person blows for one primary reason—the misunderstood word.

The rule is this: the reason you suddenly give up doing something is because you have misunderstoods on the subject. By finding and clearing up the words and getting a full understanding of their meaning, you can acquire an ability to do something again.

Although this barrier—the misunderstood word—is given last, it is by far the most important and has the furthest-reaching effects.

The action of finding the meaning and getting an understanding of words that were misunderstood can produce the most miraculous results.

This technology of the misunderstood word opens the gate to education.


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