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Training 1: Delivering a Communication


This drill teaches you to deliver a communication to another person so that he receives and understands what you are asking or telling him to do. Just because you say something to another person doesn’t mean he will hear it or understand it. Your communication needs to be clear and loud enough to be understood.


You and another person are seated about three feet apart, facing each other.


This drill is carried out as follows:

Find a very simple storybook, such as Alice in Wonderland, which is the best one to use if you can find it, where there are a lot of places in the story where communication is used. In other words, the text of the book says “He said…” and “She said…”

You: Pick a phrase from the book. Read the phrase aloud to the person across from you, but leave out the he said or she said.

For example, a phrase in the book Alice in Wonderland says:

“No, I’ll look first,” she said.

When you read that phrase to the person across from you, you would say, “No, I’ll look first.”

You first read the phrase to yourself. Then think the phrase and make it your own thought. Then say the phrase to the other person as if it were your own idea. When you deliver it to the person across from you, it must sound natural, not like something you are just reading aloud. It must also be loud enough for him to hear you and clear enough for him to understand you.

Coach: When you are satisfied that what the student said arrived where you are and you understood it, say “Fine.”

Have the student repeat any phrase that did not arrive where you are until you are satisfied that it did. Then acknowledge him and say “Fine.”

You: Once the coach says “Fine,” pick another phrase from the book and continue the drill, repeating these steps.


The coach says “Start” to begin the drill, “Fine” if the communication is received or “ That’s it” if the communication is not received. “That’s it” is also used to stop for a discussion or to end the activity. If the drill session is ended for a discussion, the coach must say “Start” again before it resumes.

End Result

The drill is done until each of the following occurs:

1. You feel you are able to comfortably deliver a communication as if it were your own thought.

2. Your communication is received by another person and understood.

3. Your coach is satisfied you can do so.

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