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Two-way Communication

In the previous chapter, we learned about a cycle of communication.

Here we have what is known as a two-way communication. A cycle of communication and a two-way communication are actually two different things. A two-way communication is where communication goes from Joe to Bill and then separately from Bill to Joe.

Look at Illustration A below and you will see a cycle of communication:

Joe is the originator, the person who starts the communication. Joe says something to Bill. Bill receives it and then Bill gives an answer or acknowledgment. The acknowledgment is sent back to Joe. Joe says, for instance, “How are you?” Bill receives this and then Bill replies to it with, “I’m okay,” which goes back to Joe. This ends the first cycle of communication.

Now what we call a two-way cycle of communication may take place, as in Illustration B below:

Here we have Bill originating a communication to Joe. Bill says, “How do you feel today?” Joe receives this and then Joe answers, “I feel okay.” This acts as an acknowledgment to Bill. This is the second part of a two-way communication cycle.

In both of these illustrations, we can see that the acknowledgment was said or shown. In Illustration A, this could have been a nod or a look of satisfaction. In Illustration B, it is Joe saying, “I feel okay.” This answer is then acknowledged by Bill with a nod or some expression showing that he received the communication.

Now let us examine how a two-way cycle of communication would work.

Joe, having originated a communication and having completed it, may then wait for Bill to originate a communication to Joe. Bill originates a communication and this is heard by Joe, answered by Joe and acknowledged by Bill. This completes the remainder of the two-way cycle of communication.

For example, Joe says to Bill, “I am going to go to town this afternoon.” Bill receives this and acknowledges by saying, “ That’s great.” Joe then waits for Bill to originate a cycle of communication and Bill originates to Joe by saying, “I am going to stay at home this afternoon as I have some work to do.” Joe gets this and acknowledges by saying, “Okay. I will see you later then.” That completes a two-way communication cycle.

Thus we get the normal cycle of a communication between two people.

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