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Training 0: Confronting


Confronting is the action of being able to face someone or something without avoiding him or it.


This drill trains you to comfortably confront another person.


You and another person are seated about three feet apart, facing each other with your eyes open.


There is no conversation. This is a silent drill. You sit and look at the person across from you and say and do nothing. You must not speak, move around, giggle, be embarrassed or become sleepy. comfortably confront the other PERSON.


Coach: “Start” or “ That’s it.”

The coach has two things he can say. If the student does not hold his position, slumps, goes unconscious, twitches, starts his eyes wandering or in any way demonstrates an incorrect position, the coach can help him by saying “ That’s it” and correcting the difficulty. He then says “Start” again and the drill goes on. When the coach wishes to make a comment, he says “ That’s it,” straightens up the point and then again says “Start.”

End Result

The drill is done until you are able to simply be there and comfortably CONFRONT another person.

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