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Practical Exercise

Practical Assignments

Note: These final exercises are optional. You do not have to do them. They are included here for you to do to help you get an increased understanding and ability to apply the materials of the course.

  1. Find a married couple who is having difficulty with their marriage. Get their agreement to accept your help to get their marriage straightened out.
    • First, get both marriage partners to take the Marriage Online Course so they understand what has caused their marriage to break down and know what needs to be done to get it back together again.
    • Help the marriage partners work out what they need to do to postulate the marriage again and start creating it again.
  2. Get both partners to take the Integrity and Honesty Online Course and have them sit down and write up their overts and withholds.
  3. Get both marriage partners to take the Cause of Conflicts Online Course so they know how to find the person who caused any fight they had or might have in the future.

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