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Maintaining a Marriage

Every happy marriage has one thing in common: a high level of communication between the marital partners.

If the relationship begins to fall apart, the partners can disclose the overts and withholds they had held from each other and it will help put the marriage back together again. At first, some upsets may happen as the marriage partners share their overts and withholds, but in time, it will definitely help mend the marriage and put it back together again.

No marriage can continue to exist without two-way communication. Two-way communication means a communication goes from one person to another—say from Bill to Mary—and then another communication goes from Mary to Bill. The communication is going two ways and not just from Bill to Mary all the time.

Two-way communication in a marriage cannot exist unless the marriage continues to be postulated into existence by both partners. If you do these things—continue to postulate the marriage and keep in two-way communication—you will have a marriage.

Marriage, then, would consist of putting together a relationship between two people without overt acts and withholds, postulating it into existence and keeping it together for the continued protection of the members and that group.

It is a very simple arrangement, actually, and a highly satisfactory arrangement if it continues to be simple.

And if there is free communication among all the members of the family, they will have a strong affinity (love) for each other and their affinity can be strong enough for them to be able to handle difficult things that come their way and happen in life, such as one of the family members getting ill or the car breaking down or a sudden flood damaging the house. They are a group that is in communication and can more easily deal with things that come up in life that could upset the family.

When a family is not a group that is tightly knit together with communication, it is very difficult for one member to handle something like an accident alone. With the help of the family as a group, he is better able to handle life. People have a better chance of making it as part of a family group than they do alone. And that’s one of the basic ideas on which marriage is based.

For example, a little child wouldn’t make it in the world by himself alone—and for that matter, none of us would have made it at all if it hadn’t been for our family. The family is one of the things you have to have to create a future generation.

By keeping the marriage postulated, keeping in good two-way communication with the family members and not having overts and withholds between marriage partners, you can have a very happy marriage for as long as you wish.

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