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One way to lessen the situation of one or both partners wanting to leave a marriage is to have both the husband and wife write up their overts and withholds. They write down their overts and withholds on paper, giving the details of the specific time and place of the overt/withhold and what was done or withheld. Once this is completed, each person will experience relief and a return of responsibility. (The procedure of writing up your overts and withholds is covered in full in the Integrity and Honesty Online Course.)

There can be times, however, when writing up overts and withholds does not fully relieve the upset or lack of agreement between the marriage partners. If this occurs, the partners should contact a Scientology auditor to help handle the matter. An auditor is someone who is trained and qualified to apply Scientology processing to people for their benefit. Processing is a special form of personal counseling, unique to Scientology, that helps someone view his own existence, which can also improve his abilities.

Another way to bring back a high level of communication between marital partners is Scientology Marriage Counseling. This is also provided by a Scientology auditor.

A husband and wife can use good, honest communication to create or continue a happy, fulfilling marriage. And here too, Scientology online courses can be of tremendous help—such as the Communication Online Course and The Components of Understanding Online Course.

If both partners work at keeping the agreements they have made and follow their moral code, and if the couple keeps the communication free and open between them, they will strengthen their relationship.

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