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Take a Walk

There is a Scientology procedure known as TAKE A WALK.

This procedure is very easy to perform.

When you feel tired after finishing your work—no matter if the thought of doing so is almost all that you can stand to do without falling through the floor—you should go out and walk around the block until you feel rested.

You should walk around the block and look at things until you see the things you are walking past. It does not matter how many times you walk around the block; just keep going around the block until you feel better.

In doing this, you will find that you will become a little brighter at first and then will become very tired. You will become so tired that you “know” now that you should go to bed and have a good night’s sleep. But this is not the time to stop walking, as you are walking through the exhaustion. You are, in fact, making the exhaustion go away by walking, but you are not yet done. You are not handling the exhaustion by physical exercise. The physical exercise has always appeared to be the more important thing to people, but the exercise is unimportant. What is important is the action of unfixing your attention from your work and placing it on the things around you in the world in which you are living.

Walking around the block and looking at buildings will make you feel lighter and happier. When you are so tired that you can barely drag yourself around, or you are so tired that you are unable to rest at all, it is actually necessary that you go out and look at and see the houses, buildings, hedges, roads, cars, trees, etc.

Naturally, there is a limit to this procedure. You cannot work all day and walk around the block all night and go to work the next day again and still expect to feel relieved. But you should certainly spend some time extroverting after having introverted all day.

The Take a Walk procedure can cure just about anything.

If you feel upset and angry toward your wife, go out and take a walk around the block until you feel better and make her walk around the block in the opposite direction until an extroversion from the problem is achieved. It has been discovered that all quarrels in the home, particularly among working people, happen because the people involved have had their attention too fixed on the things and spaces of their work. Someone can fail to control certain things in his working area. He then comes home and tries to find something he can control. This is usually the marriage partner or the children. And when the upset person fails to even control the wife or children, he gets meaner and nastier.

Extroversion of attention is as necessary as the work itself. There is nothing really wrong with introverting attention or with work. If you didn’t have something to be interested in, you would go to pieces entirely. But if you work, it will be found that an unnatural tiredness can happen. When this is found to be the case, then the answer is not to “drop into unconsciousness” for a few hours—as in sleep—but to actually extrovert your attention and then get a really relaxing sleep. Many things can happen when following the rules and laws of introversion and extroversion. And although the Take a Walk procedure is so simple that it is almost laughable, it will take care of an enormous number of difficulties that have to do with work.

Remember that, when doing the procedure, you will get more tired at first, but you will then feel lighter, happier and more energetic.

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