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The Importance of Work

Work is the stable datum of this society. Without something to do, there is nothing to live for. A man who cannot work is as good as dead and usually prefers death.

In Scientology, the mysteries of life are no longer very mysterious. There does not have to be any mystery about life. Only people who do not act or think correctly want to have the many secrets kept from them. Scientology has taken away the things in life that were hard to understand and it has had found solutions to the problems of life. Scientology, for the first time in Man’s history, can raise intelligence, increase ability and bring about a return of the ability to play the game of life. Even work itself can become, again, something pleasant that can make you feel happy.

There is one thing that has been learned in Scientology that is very important to how the workman thinks and looks at things. He very often feels, in his society, that he is working for the immediate paycheck and that he does not do anything of any importance. To change the way he looks at this, he needs to know several things. One of these is how few good workmen there are. On the level of executives, it is interesting to note how valuable a man who can handle and control jobs and men really is to any large company. Good workers like this are very hard to find. Another thing which is quite important is the fact that the world today has been led to believe—by mental philosophies (false things said by people who handle the mind such as psychiatrists and psychologists)—that when you are dead, it is all over and done with and you have no further responsibility for anything. It is very unlikely that this is true.

Another thing we know is that people are valuable and things cannot be done without their work. It has been said by some that “If people think they are so valuable and essential, they should go down to the graveyard and take a look—those men were valuable and needed too.” This is a very foolish thing to say. If you really looked carefully in the graveyard, you would find the man who operated a machine that made things in earlier years, and without him, there would be no factory or machine shops today. It is doubtful that what that man made and gave to society when he was alive is something that is being done by another person today.

A workman is not just a workman. A laborer is not just a laborer. An office worker is not just an office worker. They are living, breathing, important pillars (things that hold up something) on which the entire structure of our world is built. They are not cogs (wheels) in a mighty machine. They are the machine itself.

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