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How to Handle Work

The way to handle work is to do it NOW!

One of the best ways to cut your work in half is to not do it twice.

This is probably your biggest source of wasted time—doubling your own work.

This is how you double your work: You pick up a piece of work and look it over and then put it aside to do later. Then later you pick it up and read it again and only then do you do it.

This doubles your workload just like that!

One of the ways to handle volumes of work is to make sure you don’t do any of it twice. Make it a strict rule that if you find yourself handling a piece of work, you finish it and do not put it down to be handled later.

If you are given a message or some information that requires further action, you do that action right when you receive it.

This is how you can buy “loafing time.”

There’s no need to look busy if you are not busy.

There is no need to fondle and caress work because there isn’t enough of it.

There’s always plenty of work to do. The best way to handle work of any kind is to do it.

If you do every piece of work that comes your way WHEN it comes your way, and if you always do your own work instead of passing it on to someone else to do, you will never get anyone sending any work back for you to fix or handle and your work will never be late.

Anything that is yours to handle that you pass on to someone else to do has to be read by you again, understood again, and handled again; so never pass on work you should do to someone else to handle because it will come back to bite you. Just do it so it’s done.

So if you are truly a lover of ease, the sort of person who yawns comfortably and wears holes in the heels of his shoes resting them on desks, if your true desire for success in life is one long pleasurable period of spring fever (a lazy comfortable feeling someone gets when it is spring), then you’ll handle everything that comes your way when it comes to you and not later—and you will never give anything to anybody else that you yourself can do immediately.

That people begin to point you out as a model of how to do things well or as the person expected to break the world’s speed record or that articles begin to appear in newspapers and magazines about the wonderful things you are creating—these are all things that might just happen by chance. You know you did it so you could be lazy and not have to work. For it can be truly said that the way to never-ending work is to put off the action when the message to do something is received and to pass your work to somebody else. That’s the way to slavery, to tired muscles and to piles and piles of undone work.

Do the work when you see it and do it yourself.

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