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Welcome to the Children Online Course

In today’s world, most parents are not given any education on how to raise their children. They do not know how to care for them, how to help them when they are injured, how to comfort them when they are upset and crying or even how to best get a child’s cooperation.

As a result, today’s children are often brought up in the way their parents were brought up; and that, in many cases, was not a pleasant or successful experience.

The way in which you care for and bring up a child has a very strong influence on his future. For example, if a child receives a lot of love and communication from his parents, he will most likely want to give back that love and communication to his family. But if he is always being given orders, continuously being stopped from doing what he wants to do and getting into arguments and fights with his parents, he cannot wait to get away from home. Often, when he does leave home like this, he can make friends with the wrong people and start doing things that can get him into trouble.

L. Ron Hubbard developed many ways to bring out the best in a child—to help him get his feet on the ground and give him a happy childhood where he grows up as a contributing member of the family. While just a portion of what L. Ron Hubbard has written on handling children has been included here, this chapter gives you invaluable tools and teaches you ways to help your child that will be found nowhere else.

The information on this course will help you bring up your children with love and communication and give them what they need to make them happy, loving and productive members of your family—children who will grow up to become valuable members of our future society.

On this course you will learn:

  • What children need most from their parents.
  • Why children get angry and how to swiftly heal the upsets.
  • Exact tools you can use in raising your children to be happy, healthy, intelligent and self-confident in life.