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The Dynamics

The driving force behind all of your actions and decisions and the most important thing in life is to survive. To survive means to remain or continue in existence, to live.

We call this driving force to survive an urge. In Scientology, we have learned that there are eight separate urges to survive. Each one of these is called a dynamic. Everything you do and every choice you make is driven by the urge to survive.

The eight dynamics represent different compartments of your life in which you are surviving:

The First Dynamic is the urge to survive as you, as an individual. It is the urge to be an individual and to reach the highest level of survival for the longest possible time for yourself.

For example, taking care of yourself, keeping your body clean, preserving your teeth, eating properly, getting rest and getting care when you are ill are all things you do to help you better survive on the First Dynamic.

The Second Dynamic is the urge to survive through a future generation. It has two parts: sex, and the family, which includes the raising of children.

The Third Dynamic is the urge to survive as part of a group.

For example, the people in your office, your school, your town, your nation and even your football team or musical group are all part of your Third Dynamic.

The Fourth Dynamic is the urge to survive through Mankind. Whereas one race (people with a common color or nationality) would be considered a Third Dynamic, all the races of Man together would be considered the Fourth Dynamic.

The Fifth Dynamic is the urge to survive for any and every form of life. This would include all living things, whether animal or plant.

For example, fish, dogs, cats, lions, grass, trees, flowers and even insects are all part of your Fifth Dynamic.

The Sixth Dynamic is the urge of the person to improve the survival of the physical universe.

For example, taking care of your clothes, shoes, house, car, school, office or someone else’s possessions are all part of the actions of you surviving on the Sixth Dynamic.

The Seventh Dynamic can be called the spiritual dynamic. It is the urge to survive as a spiritual being or the urge for life itself to survive. This is separate from the physical universe and is the source of life itself.

The Eighth Dynamic is that dynamic that is most commonly discussed as the Creator, the dynamic of God or the Supreme Being, an all-creative spirit. It is the urge toward existence as infinity.

These eight dynamics include all of your goals of survival and all the things that you survive for.

A person is trying to survive, one way or another, on all of these dynamics at once.

The dynamics can be shown as a series of circles with the First Dynamic at the center. A person expands outward as he begins to survive on the other dynamics in his life.

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