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Helping Someone Heal Himself

Injuries, operations, delivery of babies, illnesses and periods of intense emotional shock, such as the loss of a loved one, all can be addressed with thorough and complete assists.

Where needed, get a medical examination or diagnosis done. Where medical treatment is routinely successful you should make sure it is done first on an injured or ill person. Because an assist can sometimes cover up an actual injury or a broken bone, no chances should be taken, especially if the condition does not easily get better. In other words, where something is thought to be a slight sprain, to be safe, an X-ray should be done. An assist is not a substitute for medical treatment but it can greatly help speed recovery.

Life can be difficult for a person who has been injured or ill, or a woman who has just delivered a baby. There is no reason a person should suffer for weeks, months or years when he can be remarkably assisted to recover in hours, days or weeks. You can learn and practice and provide relief by giving assists to such a person and speed their recovery.

One does not have to be a medical doctor to take someone to a medical doctor. And one does not have to be a medical doctor to observe that medical treatment may not be helping a person.

An assist is not engaging in healing and it is not engaging in treatment. What it is doing is assisting the person to heal himself.

A person giving Scientology assists can help reduce suffering: he can make life worth living. He can also shorten a term of recovery and may even make recovery possible when it might not be otherwise.

There are several assists in Scientology that you can learn to apply to help relieve suffering and assist a person to recover more rapidly from an accident, illness or upset. Assists always help and often have miraculous results.

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