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Welcome to the Integrity and Honesty Online Course

It can be said that integrity is knowing and doing what you know to be true and right, despite anything to the contrary. What causes you to lose your integrity and, with it, your self-respect? How can it be regained?

And what causes people to withdraw from life? Leave a good job they used to enjoy? Or give up on the activities that used to mean so much to them? People have been known to break up a marriage and depart for no logical reason. Until now, there has been no escape from such a serious problem.

A person can feel bad about what they have done in the past and not seem to be able to get any relief. But regret about the past does not need to pull you away from involvement in the present.

L. Ron Hubbard has discovered what actually causes people to withdraw from marriage, groups, a person’s career and even their dreams for a happy future.

Scientology contains precise procedures and tools to enable a person to rid himself of the effects of past misdeeds. With these tools, a person can help himself and those around him feel part of a group again, restore his integrity and self-respect and enable him to regain or strengthen the trust and friendship of others.

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the problems relating to integrity and honesty and some vital tools you can use to help yourself or others lead a happier life.

On this course you will learn:

  • The reason why a person loses their sense of personal value and self-respect.
  • What causes people to withdraw from their relationships, their careers, their groups or even their dreams.
  • The precise technology that enables you to rid yourself of past misdeeds—alleviating the misery caused by transgressions.