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Honesty and Freedom

Honesty means being truthful and having nothing to hide. A person who is honest tells the truth and does not lie, cheat or try to mislead others. He can be trusted.

After you have reached a high level of ability, you will be the first to insist upon your rights (privileges and freedoms, such as freedom of speech, granted to people by law) to live with honest people.

It is a mistake to use “freedom” as an argument to protect those people who would only destroy.

Individual rights were created to bring freedom to honest people. But dishonest people have often tried to use these rights simply to keep their harmful actions from being revealed.

Freedom is for honest people. A dishonest man cannot be free if he has things to hide. When his own acts cannot be made known, then he is a prisoner to himself. He feels he must hold himself back from other people because he is afraid he will harm them again. When you protect dishonest people, you force them to live a life of suffering and loneliness.

There is only one way out for a dishonest person and that is for him to face up to his own responsibilities in society and put himself back into communication with his fellow man, his family and the world.

Freedom for Man does not mean freedom to injure Man. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to harm by lies.

Man cannot be free while there are those around him who have things to hide about their own harmful acts.

To be free, a man must be honest with himself and with the people he lives and works with.

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