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Successful Investigations

Correct investigations depend on correct Whys. You can understand a real Why if you realize this: A REAL WHY OPENS THE DOOR TO (LEADS TO) HANDLING.

If you write down a Why, ask this question of it: ”Does this open the door to handling?” Does it lead to or make possible a handling?

If it does not, then it is a wrong Why.

When you have a right Why, handling what you found becomes simple. The more frustrated you become trying to get a very smart and clever idea to handle the situation, the more likely it is that you might have a wrong Why.

So if the handling for a situation is not easily seen, then THE WHY HAS NOT OPENED THE DOOR and it is probably wrong.

A right Why opens the door to improvement, enabling one to work out a handling which, if correctly done, will achieve the ideal scene. Investigatory Technology can be applied to situations good or bad, large or small, solving many of life’s puzzles and making real and workable solutions possible.

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