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Recognizing Outpoints

Practical Assignments

Note: These final exercises are optional. You do not have to do them. They are included here for you to do to help you get an increased understanding and ability to apply the materials of the course.

Get some newspapers and go through them. Spot outpoints in the stories for each of the following outpoints:

Omitted Data

Altered Sequence

Dropped Time


Altered Importance

Wrong Target

Wrong Source

Contrary Facts

Added Time

Added Inapplicable Data

Incorrectly Included Datum

Assumed ”Identities” Are Not Identical

Assumed ”Similarities” Are Not Similar

Assumed ”Differences” Are Not Different

Do this exercise until you have found at least one of each of the listed outpoints. Then continue to do it until you feel confident that you can easily see or recognize outpoints.

NOTE: In order to continue, you must complete all previous steps in this course. Your last incomplete step is
NOTE: You had several answers that were incorrect. In order to continue, you should re-read the article and then test your understanding again.