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How to Use the ARC Triangle

While you can always communicate to someone to try to resolve problems, it can be difficult to talk to someone if there is already some hatred or fear between you and the person, or there seems to be no common reality to discuss.

The ARC Triangle can help you to answer these questions: How should I talk to people? How can I sell people things? How can I give new ideas to people? How can I find what people are thinking about? How can I handle my work better?

Based on how the ARC Triangle works, the way you would be able to talk to any person is by finding something to like about him and discussing something with which he can agree.

If you have problems getting a new idea accepted or understood by another person it is because you did not first talk about things that the other person does know something about. You must first establish reality by finding something with which you both agree. Then you would try to maintain as high an affinity level as possible by knowing there is something you can like about him. And you are then really able to talk with him. If you have not first established something you like about him and find something you both can agree on, it will not be easy to talk to him.

By using the ARC Triangle, you can even increase or regain your ability to control your tools at work and your enthusiasm for your job. Simply by the action of touching your work tools and letting them go, over and over—being in communication with them—you can change your whole attitude toward your job (affinity) and get much more familiar with (reality) your tools.

The uses of the ARC Triangle are limitless as it forms the basis of understanding and life itself.

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