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The Road Out

Only Scientology can fully handle the effects of drugs on a person.

The way to get someone off drugs is now known and in successful use all over the world.

It starts with nutritional handling and Objective Processes which help the person through the drying out period successfully.

The next action is the Purification Program. This program is for any person who has taken drugs or been affected by toxic substances. It rids the person of the restimulative effects of these substances by removing them from the body.

Processing on the Drug Rundown is then done to complete handling the mental image pictures from drug use. This brings to an end the harmful mental and spiritual effects of drugs on the person.

Without workable methods to handle the effects of drugs, many people would never be able to rid themselves of drug-dependence.

Other drug rehabilitation methods have failed mainly because of a lack of knowledge. Those using them have no real understanding of the mind, nor of man’s spiritual nature. The effects of drugs upon the mind and the spirit are unknown to them. Their methods are based on the psychiatric point of view that “man is an animal” and that his mind works in much the same way as an animal’s mind. Such methods do not take into account the important and basic facts about the human mind and spirit. And they do not work, as shown by their high rate of failure.

Scientology has a workable and successful drug rehabilitation program because it not only deals with the correct problems, but the real sources of those problems.

Through understanding of the true nature of man, the methods to handle the biochemical, mental and spiritual problems that drugs cause do exist.

Scientology has the answers.

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