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Working Out the Best Solutions

To decide on the best solution to handle anything in life, it is best to look at everything concerned with that problem and do what will help the survival of the most dynamics.

This does not mean that you cannot destroy anything. Death or destruction has to happen sometimes to clear the way for things to move ahead and for improvements to happen. And destruction, when used in that way, is okay and acceptable. For example, you can’t build a new apartment building without knocking down the old one that stood there before.

Or just imagine what would happen if you had to keep every piece of paper that had ever been given to you in your lifetime and then you had to move. If you couldn’t destroy anything, you would have to drag all those pieces of paper and everything else you owned around with you. You can see how ridiculous it would get. You have to destroy something once in a while.

There is a sensible way to do this: you must not destroy more than you need to, in making an area ready for construction. If you start to destroy more than you need to, you get into pretty bad shape very quickly.

The dynamics mean, simply, the various urges of survival. How does someone survive? You could say that a person survives only for himself because he has decided to do so and works and enjoys life with others because he is an individual. But you could also say that someone survives only to have children so that there will be people in the future, and this is a very beautiful way to look at life. Or you can say that the person survives only for the government, living in a country where all property is owned or controlled by the government. You could take all the ways he survives listed above and you could decide that each one is true. But when you put it to the test, you find out that you need all eight of the dynamics to survive. You cannot survive well if you are not surviving on all eight of them. The dynamics add up to the survival of life itself.

So when you have to work out the best solution to any problem, you must do so with all of the dynamics in mind. The best solution to any problem would be that solution which did the most benefit, construction or creation for the most number of dynamics having to do with that problem.

For example, if a baby were being attacked by a snake, the best solution would be to save the baby’s life and spare the snake if possible.

However, if you had to handle a problem where a man with a gun had captured six people and he was about to kill them all, the best solution would be to stop the man with the gun, even if it meant you had to shoot him, to save the lives of the other six people.

Solutions which injure one dynamic for the benefit of another dynamic result in eventual confusion and disorder. But when this has to be done, the solution is to work out and do the thing that will bring the greatest order and the least chaos.

As another example, say that you were the member of a group (your Third Dynamic) that was doing something that was against the law. You begin to feel guilty (your First Dynamic) and it is affecting your marriage (your Second Dynamic) and your job (your Third Dynamic). Looking over the dynamics, the best solution, while it might create problems for you in other ways, would be to leave the group that was breaking the law.

The way to work out the best solution or handling for any problem is to look over the various ways the problem could be handled and to decide on the one that will do the least harm to the least number of dynamics or do the maximum good for the maximum number of dynamics. In other words, depending on the time available to carry out the handling and everything else involved, carry out the best solution. The things you do to handle that problem should be creative or constructive for the greatest possible number of dynamics.

So, the best solution for any problem would be a solution which gave the most benefit to all the dynamics.

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