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Survival and Your Dynamics

By inspection of Man himself, every person seems to have an urge for survival on each one of the dynamics. For example, someone can be interested in the survival of groups (the Third Dynamic) just as much as he is interested in his own survival (the First Dynamic). He might love to exercise and keep his body fit just as much as he enjoys working hard to help his football team win the game.

As soon as you get rid of or knock out one of the dynamics, a person begins to experience trouble. For example, if someone is not allowed to be a part of any team or group (the Third Dynamic), he might start to feel he is not wanted and his First Dynamic becomes less. He does less and less to help his family and that (the Second Dynamic) also suffers, and so it goes. All of his dynamics get smaller. So we see that if something happens to lessen survival on one dynamic, it can affect the other dynamics too. If you hurt yourself and end up in the hospital, thus harming the survival of your First Dynamic, then you could possibly lose your job and no longer be part of your work group (your Third Dynamic). You could then also lose your paycheck and have a large doctor bill and that could mean the family had less money to spend on clothing, food and shelter (your Second Dynamic).

The whole package of all eight dynamics is vital to the survival of any person.

In today’s society, people are educated to believe that “Man thinks for himself alone.” Some people have to be forced, whipped, beaten and educated to even have a Third Dynamic. They have to be jailed. They have to be sent to school. They have to be punished, fined, taxed and made to vote. People can think all of these things have to be done just to make a person have a Third Dynamic.

It is the same way with the Fourth Dynamic (Mankind). Have you ever known anyone who thought only dogs were man’s best friend and that his fellow man was no good? This person is concentrating only on the Fifth Dynamic (fish, dogs, cats, lions, grass, trees, flowers, etc.). It will be all right for the person to continue to have this idea, but only until that idea fails, as it is not true. For example, say this person got very sick one day and asked his cats and dogs to help him get well. But of course they can’t and the person asking the animals for help fails. He then has to go to a hospital and get other people to help him survive.

It is not true that any one of the eight dynamics is more important than the others. They are all parts of the overall game of life. However, it will be found among various people that each person puts more attention on one or more of the dynamics than the others. For example, a musician might put almost all his attention on practicing day and night, seven days a week, to try to become the best violin player in the world, paying no attention to his family or friends. These other dynamics suffer and will cause him trouble.

The whole reason for having the dynamics divided into the eight urges is to increase your understanding of life by dividing it into the parts. Having divided life in this way, each part can be inspected by itself and inspected to see how it works with the others. As your understanding of them grows, you are better able to survive well along all of the dynamics.

As an example of this, take a baby who is not aware beyond the First Dynamic (Self Dynamic) when he is born. But as the child grows and becomes interested in more things, he can be seen to start to survive on other dynamics. He learns that his family is a group and that he has groups of friends (Third Dynamic) and then he goes to school and learns about other people living in other countries and becomes aware of Mankind (the Fourth Dynamic). He learns about animals and insects (Fifth Dynamic) and now owns a dog and a bird as pets, and so on.

As a counter example to this, consider a person who is not capable of living well on the Third Dynamic (Group Dynamic) and does not like being a part of a team. Someone like this is looked at as not having a social existence—he lives his life by himself and is not part of any group with others.

So how do you act so as to operate successfully along all of the dynamics? The way to do this is to learn how to survive the best you can on each of the dynamics. Together, the eight dynamics all add up to your survival in life.

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