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Welcome to the Public Relations Online Course

Public relations gives you a way to communicate your ideas and get them accepted. It is a skill that is necessary when you are trying to get support for your projects and the things you want to achieve.

When you hear the words “public relations” you might think of newspapers, TV or radio reports about someone or something, such as an actor or actress promoting their upcoming movies. Or you have seen people and organizations try to use public relations for the wrong purpose, such as a politician making false promises just to get votes. Or a big business trying to control or change what people think about its dishonest activities.

In truth, public relations is something you can use to get the support of other people for your projects, organization or activities.

The people who have written and spoken about public relations in the past did not understand certain basic things about the subject. Now, in Scientology, important discoveries have made it possible to improve this entire activity and make it far more useful and effective.

L. Ron Hubbard’s work in the field of public relations makes Public Relations something that any group and any person can easily use. Although the various methods and procedures that make up this subject are extensive, the basic ideas and methods covered here will be of great value to you in achieving your personal goals or the goals of your organization, project or activity.

On this course you will learn:

  • What Public Relations is and how you can successfully use it to gain the support you need from others.
  • How you can correctly identify your public and reach them with a message they will respond to.
  • Many valuable tools you can use to make your good works well known and well accepted.