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Organizing and Morale

As covered earlier in this course, morale is the mental and emotional attitude of an individual or a group and the amount of enthusiasm they show for the activity they are involved in.

The basics of organizing as found on this course will help reverse the decline of any organization that is having trouble and help any organization that is growing and expanding to do even better. They can be used in the home, school or workplace. An individual can benefit personally by organizing his activities.

If you organize well and thoroughly, you will have good morale in your organization or company. Whenever you find that the morale in your organization or activity is poor, the answer is to organize.

A very careful survey of people shows that their basic protests are against lack of organization. “It doesn’t run right!” is the reason they protest things.

Applying the organizing technology can smooth over these protests, bringing about increased production and therefore high morale.

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