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Organizing Board

This section shows you an Organizing Board or Org Board for short. It was originally developed for use by Scientology organizations. It has been adjusted so you can use it for any activity, company or organization. This board can be used by a very small organization or by one with thousands of people without change. Just fewer or more positions are occupied. That is the only change. Furthermore, it can even be used by a person to organize his own life and improve it.


The Organizing Board is divided into seven different areas called divisions. These are numbered 1 through 7. Each one carries out the functions necessary to produce a product specific to that division.

For any organization to be successful, all of the activities covered by these division names must be done. These are: Executive, Communications, Dissemination (promoting and marketing of the organization’s services and products), Treasury, Production, Qualifications (ensuring the quality of the organization’s services or products), and Public (informing new public of the organization’s services and products).

An organization that is missing one or more of these divisions will fail.

Although the seven division board seems to have a number of divisions that would fit only a large group, it does, as mentioned above, fit any organization of any size.

This Organizing Board is entered from the left and continues to the right, starting with Division 1 and moving on through the divisions to Division 6 and then out. A person or particle does not flow through Division 7. This division coordinates the activities of the rest of the organization, meaning it sees that the various people and divisions work together effectively.

For example, take a large hair styling salon:

A woman comes in to the salon and is greeted by the receptionist who is in the Communications Division.

The customer may have some questions about the salon’s services and is directed to one of the salon’s staff to explain the various styling procedures done by the salon—coloring, cutting, etc. That person would be in the Dissemination Division.

Payment is made to the cashier in the Treasury Division.

The customer then sees the stylist in Division 4, the Production Division, who styles her hair.

Before she leaves, one of the staff, who works in the Public Division of the salon, tells her about contacting her friends to tell them about the salon and offers a discount on her next appointment if one of her friends does come in for services in the salon.

So this customer has moved step by step through the Org Board of the salon. The direct use of this Org Board to fit an organization of any size can be easily seen.

The functions done by each division on an Org Board are further subdivided into departments, usually three in number, making twenty-one in total. Each department has a specific product or products which, when added together, result in the overall product of the division.

For example, the Communications Division has the final product of effective, productive and ethical personnel. Ethical here means doing what is right and best for the group and all concerned.

The first department in this division is the Department of Routing and Personnel. It routes new personnel to their assigned posts. It has the product of effective personnel given positions or jobs and trained to do the work of their job. Some functions of this department are as follows:

  • hires personnel;
  • works out how to best use the existing staff and correctly place them on the Org Board to assist the organization’s growth;
  • gets new and existing personnel to learn their hats and gets them apprenticed (working under a more experienced person) to do their jobs.

The second department, the Department of Communications, handles all the communications into and out of the organization, as well as communication between organization staff members. Its product is communications easily accepted and rapidly delivered. It does the following:

  • answers the phones and directs calls to the right person;
  • receives incoming mail and quickly distributes it to the staff throughout the organization;
  • sees to it that the organization is sending out communication to the people who do or may do business with it;
  • sets up the organization’s communications system so its staff and executives can send and receive the communications to each other.

The Department of Inspections and Reports, with the product of ethical, producing personnel, is the third department. It does the following:

  • inspects any organization projects and reports on their progress to executives so, where needed, action can be taken to correct any problems;
  • collects and keeps track of the organization’s statistics. A statistic is a measurement of the quantity of the various products produced by the organization each week. Executives look these over and take any action needed to improve production and effectiveness;
  • sees that there is a high level of ethical behavior in the organization.

The Communications Division Org Board looks like this:

Each division follows this same format with a divisional head and three departments each with a department head. A simplified version of the Seven Division Org Board follows. It describes the functions of the divisions as they can be applied by any organization, company or group.

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