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Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand. More

Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand.

The confusion or inability to understand or learn comes AFTER a word you did not know the meaning of. It might not only be the new and unusual words that you did not understand.

One of the most important facts in the whole subject of study is that you must never go past a word that you do not understand.

In every subject that you took up and then left incomplete, you will find that there were words that you read but you did not know what they meant.

So while doing this course be very, very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand.

If what you are studying becomes confusing or you can’t seem to understand it, there will be a WORD just earlier that you have not understood.

Don’t go any further, but go back to BEFORE you got into trouble and find the word you did not fully understand. Wherever you see a word that is underlined, you can click on it and it will immediately give you the meaning of that word.

As you go through the course, you can also click on the menu at the top of each course page where it says “Glossary” (which is a list of words and what they mean) and it will take you to a list of words used in the course and give you the meaning of each.

If you cannot find the word you are looking for listed in the glossary, get a simple dictionary and look up its meaning there.

Welcome to the Basics of Organizing Online Course

We can all see that if things were better organized, people would be better off. We have all had experiences with a business or government, school or a group that was not well organized and we ran into confusion, delays and upsets of trying to deal with this disorganization.

Trying to get something started—a plan, some new idea you had, perhaps starting a new business—without organization can be a nightmare. Organization is what makes personal success possible in business, family life, hobbies and any group activities you may be involved with. To achieve your goals, no matter how large or small, you need to know how to organize things.

On this course, you will learn the general rules of organization, how to use these and the exact steps you can take to organize your life, a group, an organization or a business. By learning and using this information, you will be able to achieve greater success in all your activities.

Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand. More


What Is Organization?

If you are trying to get something done, you can run into trouble if you don’t know how to organize the activity, project or company you are involved with or running.

The word organize means arranging things and actions in order to bring about what a person or group wants.

Organization is the division of various actions and duties so that they are specialized. Specialized means that specific types of actions, duties or tasks are all put in one category and other types of actions, duties or tasks are put in another category and so on.

You can organize a number of actions to take yourself. To do this, you would first see what has to be done. You would do what you could do first. Then you would continue to do the rest of the things you needed to do as you were able to.

By doing these steps, you would be able to complete what you started.

A group can be organized so that each member of that group can complete his specialized actions. These smaller actions add up to a completed final product.

A product is something completed that can be exchanged. Exchange means to give something valuable in return for something valuable. This can be any service or item. A product becomes a product when it has been delivered to someone outside the organization. Or it can be turned over to another member inside the organization.

In this way, a group can achieve its larger overall purpose—such as making or manufacturing something or delivering a service.

There is a difference between seeing that people do their jobs and doing the job yourself. Some people have trouble with this. A person in charge of an activity sometimes doesn’t know how to organize it well. So he tries to do everything by himself. If he keeps trying to do it all himself, his group will break up and fail. Why? Because all the people in the activity now have no real job or duties to do. Their jobs have been taken over by the one person in charge.

It is true that a person who is very skilled at doing something can do it better. However, he can really never do more than he can do. But a well-organized group can do many times the work only one person can do.

A person who is very skilled at doing something may become disappointed because the people working for him do not do what he expected them to do. He may then try to do it all himself instead of getting his group organized and working effectively together.

If your group is not succeeding as much as you want it to and if your people aren’t skillfully doing their jobs, you must take two steps:

  1. Handle the immediate problem
  2. Organize your group to handle such things and do their jobs

You can get stuck on number 1, above. If you do get stuck just trying to handle the immediate problem, you can expect to have trouble and feel overworked. This is because you have also failed to do number 2, organize your group.

So the major failure of any group is to fail to organize.

The major reason for not organizing an activity, a company, even a household, is not understanding how to organize.

For example, an executive is told he is in charge of seeing that Project X is done. He doesn’t know much about it. He has two employees who do know. The wrong thing to do is try to do Project X himself. Or to give out a lot of orders that don’t make any sense.

The right thing for this executive to do is to take the employee who knows the most about what to do and give him the other person as an assistant. Then tell them both to get to work on the project. Then the executive has to now learn more about Project X but not interfere with the employees doing the project.

Once the executive has learned more about the project, he can then see that it is done and done well. But he still lets the employees he has put on the project get it done.

If you have a project you want to get done, here is how to go about it:

First gather up information about all the things there are to do on the project.

Then group the similar types of actions required for the project into single jobs.

Now give these jobs to people to do.

Once you have given people their jobs, set up ways for communications to travel between the members of your group.

Give your group any materials they need to do their jobs.

Arrange communication and cooperation with other people, groups or organizations as needed to get the project done.

After all this is done, the thing to do is let the group members get busy doing their jobs.

Any job, no matter how small, has to be organized.

Anyone in charge of people has to be able to organize the various actions or tasks to be done and also be able to work himself and get a job done.

Failing that, a person in charge will get very little done and be badly overworked. And the rest of the group members will be wasted.

There is a subject called organization. This subject has now been made into an orderly system that can be learned. By learning it, you can succeed in what you are trying to achieve.

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