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Flourish and Prosper

There is a great deal going on and a great many very fine people working to create a better future for everyone.

But much of that is in the future. So do you simply wait? Or is there something you can do right now?

There is: Decide to flourish and prosper! And then flourish and prosper!

Flourish means to be active and get things done. It means you are able to have a good effect on people and things around you and you are clearly doing well.

Prosper means you do well at what you do. It also means you make a lot of money so you can pay all your bills and have money left over to buy the things you need and do the things you want to do.

There is no more exact and powerful way to defeat a Suppressive Person or an antagonistic person or a society in which you live that is suppressing its people than by flourishing and prospering.

All a Suppressive Person or suppressive society is trying to do is prevent people from flourishing and prospering.

Of course, you have to handle threats or attacks. But don’t get stuck on them. Handle them, but put your main attention on doing things that will make you and the group you are a part of flourish and prosper.

You cannot simply vanish in life. You cannot just become nothingness (something that does not exist). And the wrong way to handle suppression is to make yourself smaller and do less and be less visible, hoping you are then not noticed. That is simply being defeated by the Suppressive Person or Society.

Instead, defeat attempts at suppression by flourishing and prospering!

If while reading this it occurred to you that if you did flourish and prosper, the Suppressive Person would simply attack harder and that you had better be careful, then you should know that people who have thoughts like that are usually under a great deal of suppression. And they need to locate this suppression and either handle it or disconnect.

If you have doubts or concerns about being able to flourish and prosper, you need to unsuppress (get rid of the suppression) yourself!

So there is the ultimate (best and final) victory over any Suppressive Group or Society.

The ultimate weapon is to flourish and prosper.

So do so.

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