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The Social Personality Characteristics

The twelve most important characteristics of the Social Personality are as follows:

1. The Social Personality is accurate and detailed in describing events. For example, he says things like “Joe Jones said…” or “The Star newspaper reported…” and, wherever possible, he says where the information came from, especially when talking about things that are important.

He may use a generality such as “they” or “people,” but he does not do this often when talking about something or giving an opinion about something that could cause worry.

2. The Social Personality wants to pass on good news to others and is unwilling to pass on bad news.

He may not even bother to pass on criticism when it doesn’t matter.

He is more interested in making another person feel liked or wanted than making him feel not liked by others. He tries to make people feel more confident and think better about others.

3. A Social Personality passes on communication without much change. If he does remove anything, he tries to remove just the things that could cause another person harm.

He does not like to hurt people’s feelings, so he sometimes makes errors in holding back bad news or orders that might do so.

4. Treatments that are given to help the Social Personality, especially when they are mild, work very well on him.

While Anti-Social Personalities sometimes promise to change and stop doing bad things, they do not. Only the Social Personality can change or improve easily.

It is often enough to point out to a Social Personality that he is doing things that are not okay. Just by doing this, the Social Personality will completely change what he is doing for the better.

Criminal laws and violent punishment are not needed to regulate (control) Social Personalities.

5. The friends and people who work with a Social Personality are usually healthy, happy and feeling good about the future.

A truly Social Personality quite often produces improvement in the health or finances of someone he is working and living with.

At the very least, he does not make his friends get ill or feel less confident and he does not reduce their morale—their emotions of feeling good and willing to get on with whatever they are doing.

When the Social Personality gets ill, he heals or recovers as expected and he does get well when given treatment.

6. The Social Personality usually selects the correct targets that need to be fixed.

He fixes the tire that is flat rather than attack the windscreen with a hammer.

When handling machinery, he can therefore repair things and make them work.

7. Projects or actions begun are usually completed by the Social Personality.

8. The Social Personality feels bad about the things he has done wrong and doesn’t find it easy to admit to them. He takes responsibility for his errors.

9. The Social Personality supports groups that help others and protests or tries to stop destructive groups.

10. Destructive actions are protested by the Social Personality. He assists constructive or helpful actions.

11. The Social Personality helps others and works to stop or prevent actions that harm other people.

12. The Social Personality believes that property belongs to someone. He does not approve of it being stolen or wrongly used and tries to prevent that from happening.

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