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The Basic Reason

The basic reason the Anti-Social Personality behaves as he does is that he has a hidden terror (very strong fear) of others.

To the Anti-Social Personality, every other person is an enemy to be secretly or openly destroyed.

The Anti-Social Personality is continuously thinking that, to stay alive, he has to “keep stopping other people” or “not let them learn and become clever and able to do things.”

If anyone were to promise to make other people stronger or brighter (more clever), the Anti-Social Personality would feel great personal danger.

They think that if they are in this much trouble with people around them who are weak or stupid, they would be destroyed if anyone became stronger or brighter.

Such a person has no trust in other people. He is actually very scared of people, but this is usually hidden.

When somebody like this goes insane (completely mad), he thinks that each person he meets is really a Martian or someone who works for the FBI.

But most of the Anti-Social Personalities show no visible signs of insanity. They appear quite sane. They are able to persuade you that they are not crazy.

However, the list given earlier is made up of things which such a personality cannot see in himself. This is so true that if you thought you displayed one of the characteristics in the list, you most certainly are not an Anti-Social Personality. The ability to look at yourself and make a judgment that you have done something wrong is something the Anti-Social Personality cannot do. They must be RIGHT because they believe they are in continual danger. If you proved an Anti-Social Personality to be WRONG, you might even cause him to become severely ill.

Only the sane person tries to correct his behavior.

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