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The Basic Reason

The Social Personality naturally works toward doing the most good.

He is not troubled by imagined enemies, but he does recognize real enemies when they exist.

The Social Personality wants to survive and wants others to survive, while the Anti-Social Personality really and secretly wants others to fail.

Basically, the Social Personality wants others to be happy and do well, while the Anti-Social Personality is very clever in making others do very badly.

The important point about the Social Personality is not really the success of the things he does, but his reasons for doing things. The Social Personality, when successful, is often attacked by the Anti-Social Personality and, for this reason, he may fail. But the Social Personality wants others to be successful too, while the Anti-Social Personality only wants others to fail.

Unless we can see the Social Personality and protect him and see also the Anti-Social Personality and prevent him from harming others, our society will go on suffering from insanity, criminality and war, and Man and civilization will not survive.

Do not harm the Social Personality—and do not fail to make the Anti-Social Personalities powerless in their efforts to harm the rest of us.

Just because a man rises above his fellows or takes an important job does not make him an Anti-Social Personality. Likewise, just because a man can control or have authority over others does not make him an Anti-Social Personality.

It is his reasons in doing so and what happens as the result of his actions which separate the Anti-Social Personality from the Social Personality.

Unless we realize and apply the true characteristics of the two types of personalities, we will continue to live in an uncertainty of who our enemies are and, in doing so, treat our friends unfairly.

All men have committed acts of violence or omission (neglect) for which they could be blamed. In all Mankind, there is not one single perfect human being.

But there are those who try to do right and those who specialize in wrong and upon these facts and characteristics you can know them.

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