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Practical Exercise

Practical Assignments

The following are exercises relating to the cause of suppression. These will help you apply this technology on Social and Anti-Social Personalities in your life.

These exercises are not required to complete your course, however we recommend you to do them to increase your understanding and ability to apply the material.

NOTE: Some exercises are done with other people. If you don’t have someone to do the exercise with, we encourage you to move on to the next step and we’ll remind you to find someone later and complete the exercise at that time.

Look at the people around you or get a newspaper and look it over. Find an example of anti-social behavior. Note which anti-social characteristic is being demonstrated by the person or writer of the article. Refer to the 12 characteristics of the Anti-Social Personality listed in this course if you are at all uncertain.

Repeat this drill as often as you need to so that you can very easily and swiftly spot an Anti-Social Personality.

NOTE: In order to continue, you must complete all previous steps in this course. Your last incomplete step is
NOTE: You had several answers that were incorrect. In order to continue, you should re-read the article and then test your understanding again.