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Welcome to the How to Resolve Conflicts Online Course

Sometimes people have trouble getting along with each other.

For some unknown reason, two people who do not seem to have done anything to each other can suddenly be found at odds. When you try to resolve the upset, no matter what you do to help them, the conflict will not go away.

A married couple seems to be getting along just fine and then, one day, they start arguing and finding fault with each other. It just does not seem to resolve, no matter what gets done to try to resolve it. The marriage breaks up and ends in divorce.

And then we read of two countries suddenly starting a conflict that turns into a war. People are getting killed and there is a lot of misery, but nobody seems to understand what started the conflict or why. It just does not seem to be solvable.

What is going on? Is this just something that happens, no matter what we do? Is it fate? Is it something that can never be understood or solved? No. It is none of these. It is definitely something that can be understood, solved and fully resolved.

L. Ron Hubbard made many startling discoveries about conflicts. He found exactly what causes every conflict—between people, groups and even nations—and he worked out exact and very simple steps to resolve each of them.

In this course, you will learn the reason for all conflicts and learn how to use the tools to resolve them, bringing peace and happiness to your life and to the lives of others.

On this course you will learn:

  • The real underlying cause of all human quarrels and conflicts.
  • Why some conflicts can seem so difficult—if not impossible—to fully resolve.
  • The precise tools you need to find out who has been stirring things up—and why this discovery opens the door to resolving any conflict.