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Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand. More

Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand.

The confusion or inability to understand or learn comes AFTER a word you did not know the meaning of. It might not only be the new and unusual words that you did not understand.

One of the most important facts in the whole subject of study is that you must never go past a word that you do not understand.

In every subject that you took up and then left incomplete, you will find that there were words that you read but you did not know what they meant.

So while doing this course be very, very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand.

If what you are studying becomes confusing or you can’t seem to understand it, there will be a WORD just earlier that you have not understood.

Don’t go any further, but go back to BEFORE you got into trouble and find the word you did not fully understand. Wherever you see a word that is underlined, you can click on it and it will immediately give you the meaning of that word.

As you go through the course, you can also click on the menu at the top of each course page where it says “Glossary” (which is a list of words and what they mean) and it will take you to a list of words used in the course and give you the meaning of each.

If you cannot find the word you are looking for listed in the glossary, get a simple dictionary and look up its meaning there.

Welcome to the How to Resolve Conflicts Online Course

Sometimes people have trouble getting along with each other.

For some unknown reason, two people who do not seem to have done anything to each other can suddenly be found at odds. When you try to resolve the upset, no matter what you do to help them, the conflict will not go away.

A married couple seems to be getting along just fine and then, one day, they start arguing and finding fault with each other. It just does not seem to resolve, no matter what gets done to try to resolve it. The marriage breaks up and ends in divorce.

And then we read of two countries suddenly starting a conflict that turns into a war. People are getting killed and there is a lot of misery, but nobody seems to understand what started the conflict or why. It just does not seem to be solvable.

What is going on? Is this just something that happens, no matter what we do? Is it fate? Is it something that can never be understood or solved? No. It is none of these. It is definitely something that can be understood, solved and fully resolved.

L. Ron Hubbard made many startling discoveries about conflicts. He found exactly what causes every conflict—between people, groups and even nations—and he worked out exact and very simple steps to resolve each of them.

In this course, you will learn the reason for all conflicts and learn how to use the tools to resolve them, bringing peace and happiness to your life and to the lives of others.

Important Note

In doing this course, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he has gone past a word he did not understand. More


The Solution to Conflicts

The causes of violence and conflict among people and nations have been studied for a very long time.

Many great nations that were once the center of the world, such as Egypt have long since disappeared into dust. Where they once were very active, there is little happening there today. The ruins of the once great cities show that there were many conflicts in the past. Even with all the work and wisdom (knowledge) and good wishes of human beings, human history is built on conflict. Therefore, there must be something that is not known about how and why conflict happens.

It has been found that there is a law that goes along with all conflicts.

The law would seem to be this:

A THIRD PARTY MUST BE PRESENT AND UNKNOWN IN EVERY QUARREL FOR A CONFLICT TO EXIST. A quarrel is an angry argument or fight and a conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, usually one that goes on for a long time. A party is a person and a Third Party is the third person in a conflict between two people. He is not part of the conflict between the two people, but the one causing it.





It is very easy to see that two people in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or think has happened is that a Third Party exists and actively caused the quarrel.

The Third Party is often the person who no one thinks it is and who is in the area but denies any part of the conflict. This hidden Third Party, who sometimes seems to support only one side, will be found to be the person who caused the conflict in the first place.

The Third Party Law is useful to resolve conflicts in many areas of life. Resolve means to solve a difficulty.

It is the cause of war.

One sees two fellows shouting bad names at each other, fighting and hitting each other. No one else is around. So they, of course, caused the fight, right? The truth is that a Third Party started the conflict before the men came to blows.

Finding out how the fight started, you will find incredible information that is very hard to believe. That is the trouble. When something is incredible, it is too easily not believed. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.

For example, Worker A and Worker B, have been arguing. They get into a fight. Each one blames the other. Neither person is correct and so the argument does not resolve since its true cause is not found out.

One looks into such a case thoroughly. He finds something hard to believe. The wife of Worker A has been sleeping with Worker B and complaining to each one of them about the other one.

Another example is Farmer J and Rancher K, who have been fighting for years in continual conflict. There are reasons for the fight that seem to make sense. Yet it continues and does not resolve. A close search finds the Third Party, Banker L, who, due to the money Farmer J and Rancher K lose in the fighting, is able to loan each side money. Therefore, he keeps the fight going. And he will get their lands completely if they both lose.

You can look over personal quarrels, group conflicts and even national battles and you will find the Third Party if you search hard enough. He will be unsuspected by both of the people fighting or, if suspected at all, thought of as unlikely. Yet careful documentation finally finds it to be true.

This information is very useful.

When a married couple have an argument, the correct way to help handle this is to get both parties to carefully search out and locate the Third Party. They may come up with many reasons for the argument at first. These reasons are not people. You are looking for a Third Party, an actual person. When both find the Third Party and agree that it is true, that will be the end of the quarrel.

Sometimes two parties, quarreling, will accidentally choose the wrong person to blame. This stops the quarrel, but since it is not the actual Third Party, the conflict doesn’t end and instead, after a while, more quarrels occur. This is how you can tell whether you’ve found the correct Third Party.

Two nations fighting should meet and locate the actual Third Party. They will always find one if they look, and they can find the right one, as it actually will be found to exist.

When two people find the correct Third Party, they do not fight the person. They usually just avoid him.

Upsets in a marriage are common. Marriages can be saved by both parties really sorting out who caused the conflicts in the first place. There may have been (in the whole history of the marriage) several Third Parties, but only one at a time.

Quarrels between a single person and an organization are nearly always caused by a Third Party or a third group. The organization and the person involved should get together and isolate the Third Party by talking and showing each other all the information they have been given about each other.

Governments and people who take part in riots could also be gotten back into agreement if you get someone to represent each side and have them tell each other what they have been told and who told them.

Such conferences often fall back into accusing each other or blaming each other. They must stick to just naming what was said by other people, so they can be successful in finding the Third Party.

The Third Party Law does not mean that there are no bad conditions that could cause a conflict. There are. But these are usually able to be handled by a meeting unless there is a Third Party working to keep the conflict going.

In history, we sometimes get a bad opinion of the past when it is told by two people who are blaming each other and the Third Party behind their conflict has not been spotted or noticed. When we talk about the causes of war and what was hidden behind them, we should be saying Third Parties.

There are no conflicts which cannot be solved unless the people who are causing them—the Third Parties—remain hidden.

This is the natural law.

It is worth knowing.

Use it in any conflict or area where you are trying to bring peace.

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