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Further Discovery

A very important point to watch out for when finding a Third Party is false reports. False reports are written or spoken statements which contain lies.

It has been discovered that a Third Party can be completely overlooked because that person is spreading false reports about other people.

For example, if someone makes a mistake and is trying to protect himself against being accused, he blames the mistake on someone else and that person then gets into trouble and the real Third Party remains hidden.

The way to handle this is to have the person who has been accused of doing something wrong be told or given the information by the person accusing him so that he has a chance to prove it true or false.

At the bottom of all really troublesome Third Party activities are false reports. False reports can also include false perception—someone “seeing” something that does not actually exist and reporting it as a fact.

To prevent someone from being falsely accused, any person with any amount of authority in a group should not accept an accusation and act upon it without a personal investigation to check whether the accusation is true or just the action of a Third Party. This will prevent the punishment of people who have done nothing wrong.

To protect an honest person, any time someone makes a bad report about anyone else, the report must be investigated to make very sure it is true.

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