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Practical Assignment

Practical Assignments

Note: These final exercises are optional. You do not have to do them. They are included here for you to do to help you get an increased understanding and ability to apply the materials of the course.

Use the questionnaire listed in the article “How to Find a Third Party” to resolve a conflict between two people by doing the following:

1. Find a person, a married couple or a group who has been in a conflict that will not resolve.

2. Personally interview the people involved and get their answers to the questions listed in the article “How to Find a Third Party.” Take notes and list all names that they give you.

3. When you have completed doing the interviews and are certain you have gotten all the answers to your questions, add up the number of times each name appears on the list you made.

4. Tell both of the people you were interviewing the name of the person that came up the most number of times in your notes. Tell the person or couple or group who the Third Party is. If the conflict resolves, that is the end of it.

5. If the conflict does not resolve and still exists between the people concerned, repeat the above steps until you identify the correct Third Party and the conflict is resolved.

NOTE: Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to become fully comfortable with the procedure.

NOTE: In order to continue, you must complete all previous steps in this course. Your last incomplete step is
NOTE: You had several answers that were incorrect. In order to continue, you should re-read the article and then test your understanding again.