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Welcome to the Ethics and the Conditions Online Course

There is no one on earth who doesn’t find themselves in a bad condition at some time in their life. Perhaps a personal relationship suddenly goes wrong, he has difficulty paying his bills, or the business is in trouble.

Common advice today is just to “learn and grow” from the bad experience. But that isn’t any help and doesn’t tell you what you can actually do.

And what about when things start going very well—how can you continue your success?

L. Ron Hubbard researched a workable method to find out the exact condition of any part of your life, and laid out the exact steps on how to improve it.

These formulas work because they’re based on the natural laws of life.

With the real solutions and practical steps you will learn in this course, you will have real tools to help yourself, as well as your friends, your family, your businesses and even your entire community.

On this course you will learn:

  • The laws that, if followed exactly, can bring you a prosperous, happy future.
  • What statistics are and how you use them to gauge the health of any activity and predict what will happen in the future.
  • The precise steps that you can apply to immediately improve any personal or professional situation you find yourself in.