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Condition of Treason

Treason is defined as betrayal after trust. (Betrayal is intentionally acting in a way that breaks a promise or agreement after you have been trusted to do it.)

A person is in the Condition of Treason when he has gone against the activities and purposes he was trusted with.

It will be found that a person who is a part of a group (his family, friends, the people he works with or any group he is a part of) and who then breaks their trust will upset or destroy some part of that group.

By not knowing that he is the _______ (position name), he is committing treason.

The results of this can be found in history. A failure to be what a person has the job or position name of will result in a betrayal of the group.

Almost all upsets in a group come from this one fact:

A person in a group who, having accepted a position, does not know that he is that position is in Treason against the group.

For example, a bus driver who goes out for the day and does not show up for work is in Treason. He has people, young and old, around the town waiting for him to pick them up. Finally, the owner of the company drives the bus himself and handles the upset passengers. He had trusted the bus driver to do his job and the bus driver broke that trust.

The formula for the Condition of Treason is:

Find out that you are.

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