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Condition of Emergency

Emergency is an unchanging state or a state where there is a slight lessening in production as shown on a graph.

If a company’s income stays the same or lessens slightly, that is a Condition of Emergency. A person whose income stays the same or has steadily decreased over some time would also be in a Condition of Emergency.

Emergency Formula

A person applies the Emergency Formula when:

  • His own life or some aspect of it is staying the same or declining.
  • He has applied the Danger Formula and moved up to the Condition of Emergency.

The Emergency Formula is:

  1. Promote. (Promote means making things known, getting things out, getting yourself known, getting your products out.)

    An organization or company that is in the Condition of Emergency (income unchanging or declining) must promote. When a company doesn’t have income, spending on promotion may seem like the last thing to do. But, in fact, the company must promote or it won’t get any new business.

    As an individual you must produce.

    Produce means make or complete something that is useful or valuable. For example, an artist would put in extra hours on the job and fully complete his paintings.

  2. Change your operating basis (way or method of doing things).

    You must change the way you are doing things because that is what led you to a Condition of Emergency.

  3. Economize.

    This means you reduce expenses and spend less money.

  4. Get ready to deliver.

    This means be prepared to deliver the products you produced in step 1 of this formula.

  5. Be more disciplined.

    This could simply mean not going out every night, being a little more regular on the job, working a little harder, not goofing off quite so much, not making so many mistakes. All of this is part of being more disciplined.

Let’s look at an example of a company applying the Emergency Formula. A flower shop has emergency statistics. They are selling slightly less flowers and plants than they were in prior months and meanwhile the rent they need to pay for their shop has gone up. This is definitely an emergency.

To handle this, they immediately start to promote! They create an eye-catching window display, and repaint their sign so that walk-by traffic will be more attracted to come in. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so they place an advertisement in the local newspaper and send out a mailing reminding people to give flowers as gifts. Everyone who comes in the store is given an attractive business card. They even hold an event in the store, inviting parents to bring their children for a tour to learn the names of different flowers.

Next, they must change their operating basis. They find that the flowers in the store are dying too quickly as they have not been giving them enough water. This is what started the Condition of Emergency. The operating basis is changed and one of the staff is assigned to give all the flowers fresh, clean water as often as needed.

Now, they must economize. All staff take care to save on any wastage. The owner stops wasting money on his expensive monthly trips to flower shows around the country.

They now must get ready to deliver. The owner and his staff get very busy creating plenty of beautiful flower displays ready for the customers to buy. They stock up on the most popular flowers and plants.

Finally, the staff are instructed by the owner to be more disciplined. Everyone arrives to work on time and they stop taking extra coffee breaks. They also start sweeping the floors and wiping the counters regularly throughout the day, so dead leaves are cleaned up. And instead of sitting around as the customers leave the store with heavy loads, they assist them in carrying their flowers to their car when needed.

This flower shop has now finished the Emergency Formula as shown in their statistics.

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