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Condition of Affluence

An affluence is an abundance (high quantity) of something, such as money, property, friends and good health.

When you have a line going steeply up on a graph, that’s Affluence. Whether it’s up steeply for one week or up steeply from its last point week after week after week, it’s Affluence.

Anyone dealing with Affluence should be aware that it requires the most careful handling of all the conditions. It is, strangely enough, the most dangerous of all conditions in that if a person doesn’t recognize it and apply the formula, the results can be very bad. Recognize it and handle it right and the results are excellent.

There are two Affluence Formulas: one that applies to finance and one that applies to a person’s actions. The first one given below relates to a financial affluence.

Affluence Formula

The formula that applies to an Affluence in finance is:

  1. Economize (reduce spending and any waste).

    Then make very, very sure that you don’t buy anything or hire anyone that has any commitments (agreements that you will pay something in the future). Put a stop to any unnecessary spending.

  2. Pay every bill. Get every bill that you can possibly find from anyplace—every penny you owe anywhere—and pay them. You want to get your bills down to as close to zero as you can get or even down to zero.

  3. Put the remaining money into things that will make it more possible to deliver.

  4. Discover what caused the Condition of Affluence and strengthen it.


Let’s see how this applies to life. Take a young man who sells cars. He creates an affluence statistic in car sales, selling more cars in one week than in any week in the history of the company. As a result his boss gives him a very large bonus.

Now, while his immediate urge is to go out shopping to buy new clothes, a new watch and fine jewelry for his wife, he makes sure he doesn’t go out and spend all his money. He knows that by applying the Affluence Formula he will create further affluences.

His first step is to economize.

He takes the large bonus that he wasn’t expecting and he quickly banks the money. He then says to his wife: “Where are we wasting money? We need to cut down any wastage.” Together they find out that they are wasting money on buying gadgets they almost never use and joining expensive clubs they don’t attend. They work out how to cut down on their spending and do so.

The next step is to pay every bill. He and his wife list out all their bills. With the large bonus he received, they are just able to pay every one.

He now applies the final step of the Affluence Formula to discover what caused the Condition of Affluence and strengthen it. This requires some careful work. At first he thinks it was just “good luck” that he sold so many cars and he could never do it again. But when he really studies how he created the affluence, he realizes that he had been doing a program that heavily promotes for people to “take a test drive.” This program was bringing lots of people to his showroom and gave him a chance to talk to them. This was the program that started the affluence! He informs his boss of what he found and together they strengthen the “take a test drive” marketing campaign.

The young man successfully completes the Affluence Formula and creates further affluences. He is on his way to a Power Condition.

Action Affluence Formula

When an Affluence exists based on a statistic measuring a person’s actions, and not related to money, this is the formula to apply.

  1. Economize on unnecessary or dispersed (going in different directions) actions that did not contribute (help or assist) to the present condition. Economize financially by knocking off all waste.

  2. Make every action count and don’t spend time doing any useless actions. Every new action is to contribute and be of the same kind of action that did contribute.

  3. Strengthen all improvements. Any place you have gotten a gain, you keep it. Don’t let things relax or get worse. Don’t let things roller coaster (move steeply up and down). Any advantage or gain you have, keep it, maintain it.

  4. Discover for yourself what caused the Condition of Affluence in your immediate area and strengthen it.

A girl works at a company making handmade dolls. She is an artist and each doll is special. Usually she only makes one or two dolls a week. However, three weeks before Christmas, the company has so many orders that she works out a way to make ten handmade dolls that week. She is in affluence on her actions. Now, by exactly following each of the steps of the Action Affluence Formula she is able to continue the affluence and high production.

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