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Using the Conditions

A vital thing to realize is that the formulas for the conditions exist.

They are part of any activity. And now that they are known they must be followed.

Following the condition formulas takes about 90 percent of chance out of the running of a business or handling your personal finances.

It really depends on how well you judge which condition to use and how much energy you put into doing each step of the formulas.

When you do the formula properly, it works.

It works no matter how stupidly it is applied only so long as the right formula is applied and the exact sequence of steps is taken.

How brilliant you are in using the formulas will show up in the speed of improvement or expansion. Very brilliant use of the formulas will show up in overnight, strong expansions. Dull (not imaginative or smart) use of the formulas, as long as they are done correctly, will show up in slower expansions.

In other words, nobody has to be a complete genius to use them or dream up (create or invent) the necessary ideas in them. You only have to correctly judge which condition to use, and then work with a lot of enthusiasm and energy in doing the steps in the correct order.

The brighter the ideas, the faster the expansion, that’s all. Expansion or improvement is certain to happen.

However, if the dullness includes adding steps which are not needed, then you may fail.

And if you are so stupid that a wrong judgment is made of which condition to use and a wrong formula is applied and it is also applied with its steps in wrong order, then you would deserve to fail!

Another thing to know is that these conditions work whether they are used for a whole country, an organization, a part of an organization, a family or one person.

The final thing to know is that knowing the formulas carries the responsibility of using them—because these are the formulas. And they do work like magic.

If these formulas are not known or used, expansion is totally up to chance or luck no matter how good your ideas are.

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