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Condition of Confusion

The lowest condition is a Condition of Confusion.

In a Condition of Confusion, the person or area will be in a state of random motion. (When something is random it is uncontrolled and unplanned.) In a Condition of Confusion, there will be no real production, only disorder or confusion.

In order to get out of Confusion, a person has to find out where he is.

The formula for Confusion is:

Find out where you are.

Note: It is important that the person who is in Confusion be cleared up on the definition of confusion. (This is done before the formula itself is started.)


  1. Any circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution.

    More broadly:

    A confusion is random motion.

    If you were to stand in heavy traffic, you would be likely to feel confused by all the motion whizzing around you. If you were to stand in a heavy storm with leaves and papers flying by, you would be likely to feel confused. A confusion is only a confusion so long as all the pieces are in motion. A confusion is only a confusion so long as no part of it is clearly defined or understood.

    People who can control “randomness” can handle confusion. People who cannot control things actually create more confusion.

  2. All a confusion is, is a flow which has no pattern (orderly way that it is arranged). The parts involved in a confusion crash into each other, bounce off each other and stay in the area. There is no product, as to have a product something must flow out.

For example, take a car repairman who is in the Condition of Confusion. He can’t find any of the new car parts because his workshop is not in order, can’t find his tool kit or even his hammer because he doesn’t know where he put them down. He spilled oil all over his paperwork, so he doesn’t know what needs to be done with the cars in his shop. No cars are being repaired and returned to the customers.

As another example, an office worker who is in the Condition of Confusion makes the action of writing a letter take two days instead of fifteen minutes. He breaks his computer, can’t find paper, has no ink in the printer, loses the person’s address and has to buy more stamps. Meanwhile, none of his other letters are going out as he is still trying to send out the first one.

The additional formula for the Condition of Confusion is:

  1. Receive a Locational in the place where you are.

  2. (A Locational is done by walking around with the person, both indoors and out-of-doors, and saying: “Look at that [object].” When the person has done so, acknowledge him with “Thank you” or “Okay” or “Good.” Use objects such as a chair, a tree, a car, the floor, the ceiling, a house, etc. The person running the Locational would point at the object each time. It is simply done until the person brightens up and realizes something or has a new understanding about his life.)

  3. Comparing where you are to other areas where you used to be.

  4. Repeat step 1.

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