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Condition of Doubt

When a person cannot make up his mind as to another person, a group, organization or project, a Condition of Doubt exists.

For example, a young woman cannot make up her mind between two jobs. She is currently working as a teacher which she finds very rewarding and enjoyable. She is an excellent teacher. She has been offered a job at a local bar where she would make much higher income. She would like to earn the money she is being offered at the bar. The woman uses the Condition of Doubt to help her make the best possible decision.

The Doubt Formula is:

  1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that group, project or organization, without listening to unfair opinions or rumors.

  2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or organization.

  3. Decide on the basis of the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people and areas of your life, whether or not it should be attacked, harmed, prevented or helped. To work this out, look over what would happen to every part of life (your personal life, your husband or wife and family, groups that you belong to, Mankind, living things, physical objects, and even spiritual matters and your relationship to God).

  4. Carefully consider and make a judgment about yourself or your own group, project or organization as to intentions and goals.

  5. Carefully consider and make a judgment about your own or your group, project or organization’s statistics.

  6. Join or remain in or become the friend of the one which progresses toward the greatest benefit for the greatest number and announce the fact openly to both sides.

  7. Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization you have remained in or joined.

  8. Suffer on up the conditions in the new group if you have changed sides, or the conditions of the group you have remained in, if being in doubt has lowered the level of respect and importance that you have with the group.

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