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Condition of Non-Existence

Non-Existence is a state that exists when a person is not known or fully recognized by other people and so he doesn’t “exist” to them. This could be because he just started a new relationship, job or other activity. It could also be because he has failed in existing relationships, jobs or activities or his statistics are in a Non-Existence trend.

By following the Non-Existence Formula he will start himself on the road to success.

Non-Existence Formula

The Non-Existence Formula is:

  1. Find a way to communicate with the person or group you need to be in communication with.

  2. Make yourself known to the person or people.

  3. Discover what they need or want from you.

  4. Do, produce and/or present what they need and want from you.

A person who newly takes over a job in a company or activity that is already operating, often thinks he had better make himself known by changing everything. In fact, he is not well enough known to do this and he hasn’t any idea of what is needed or wanted yet. And so he creates disaster.

For example, a son took over his father’s popular coffee shop when his father retired. The son decided to change the time the shop opened, so they could stay open later in the evening for the local students. He started opening the shop at lunch time. But, before long, he found the shop had lost most of their customers to a neighboring café. What did he do wrong? He didn’t find out that the customers needed and wanted a coffee shop that was open early in the morning, where they could buy their coffee on the way to work! Because he did not apply the Non-Existence Formula, the shop was in trouble.

Sometimes a person in the Non-Existence Condition assumes he knows what is needed or wanted when it is only his idea and not true at all and so he fails at his job or in his relationship.

And sometimes he doesn’t even listen to what the other people tell him is needed.

Let’s take an example of using this formula correctly.

A woman starts a new job working at a kindergarten caring for young children. She finds out that the best way to talk to the parents is when they pick up their children at the end of the day, as they are very rushed in the mornings. She introduces herself to each of the parents and asks them what is needed and wanted by them. The parents let her know that their priority is safety for the children, as well as the children learning new things. They also want their children to be happy and have fun. The woman also asks the owner of the kindergarten what she needs and wants, and her boss stresses exactly the same things.

The woman now starts working hard to “deliver” on these requests. She takes extra care for the safety of the children, and every day she teaches the children new fun lessons. The children enjoy this and when the parents collect them each day, they find their children are happy and proud. Before long the parents are telling their friends about the wonderful kindergarten and she receives a raise in pay from her boss. She has successfully used the Non-Existence Formula!

To be successful in a new relationship, activity or group requires you to follow the steps of the Non-Existence Formula and then the next formula—one after the other.

The Non-Existence Formula can be used not only by a person, but also by a group, an organization and even an entire country.

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