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Completing Conditions Formulas

The Conditions Formulas flow, one to the next, with the first step of one formula directly following the final step of the previous formula.

But what do you do if your statistic graph shows you’ve moved up a condition before you even have a chance to finish a formula? Do you just drop that formula and start on the next one? The answer is “No.” You complete the formula you have begun.

As an example, suppose someone is doing a Danger Formula. But before he completes the formula, his statistics at work rise. It would be dangerous for this person to not finish the Danger Formula. He still needs to do the final steps of “Reorganize your life” and “Formulate and adopt firm policy.”

That someone’s statistics rise before completing a formula doesn’t mean he can’t go into the higher condition his statistics now show. However, it would be a bad mistake not to complete the undone steps of an earlier formula.

So, as in the above example, one has to complete the earlier formula, then complete the next formula and continue on based on his statistics.

Completing a formula is very vital. One doesn’t just name a formula. He does it and gets it completed.

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